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Hisao Ishibuchi
Prof. Hisao Ishibuchi CV

Message to Chinese Students
In 2017, I came to SUSTech to help Prof. Xin Yao to create one of the best CS departments in the world. In SUSTech, I am always trying to increase the international presence of the SUSTech CS Department. I am also always trying to help highly-motivated young researchers and students to be internationally well-known researchers in the field of Computational Intelligence using my knowledge and experiences.


The main research field of our research group is multi-objective evolutionary computation. In principle, evolutionary computation can be applied to all optimization and learning problems such as the optimization of high-speed train shape design (Shinkansen), the optimization of airplane shape design, and the structure optimization of deep learning neural networks. Multi-objective evolutionary computation is a class of optimization algorithms designed for the handling of multiple conflicting objectives (e.g., the performance maximization and the cost minimization when you choose a computer). For more details, please click.